HIPAA Compliance and Regulatory Online Courses

Over 10,000 organizations have taken our online courses, from single doctor offices to healthcare giants like Kaiser Permanente. The main reason is that we teach employees exactly what they need to know, with an easy format and no extra legal jargon.

Employees simply login, take the assigned self-paced courses and post tests, and then when each course is completed a printable certificated is issued. Training Administrators can easily track an employee's detailed progress online, through a customizable report tool, and then print for personnel files.

Courses are authored and updated regularly by nationally-recognized HIPAA experts. Both Privacy and Security regulations are covered, so these courses will be the only training employees will need.

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Online HIPAA Compliance Courses

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"The training was a dream...it was comprehensive and easy to use. Even after our second year, our employees continue to learn more and more about HIPAA." - Dannett Glass, ONCC

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Online Medical Coding Courses for Hospitals

HIPAA Compliance
for Covered Entities

Courses meet the federal standards for HIPAA compliance training as required by law. A simple login allows employees access to the self-paced online courses; each course takes only 20-30 minutes to complete. Completions are reportable and certificates of completion are provided real-time.

Online OSHA Courses for Providers

OSHA Regulatory Compliance Courses

Keep your employees safe and your organization in compliance, with our quick and easy OSHA online education. No long, full-day seminars taking your staff away from work, costing you time and productivity loss! Enroll your employees in the four quick 30-minute online sessions and stay in compliance from the comfort of your office.

Other Healthcare Compliance Training

Electronic Information Security Training

Protecting electronic information and patient data is everyone's responsibility. Litmos Healthcare offers six comprehensive courses on the most pertinent and requested topics, including Security Awareness Basics, How to be a Human Firewall, and Protecting PII. These courses are an integral part of any good compliance program.

Course Features

  • Employees can self-register or your can bulk assign courses based on location, job code, etc.
  • Courses are available 24/7 and can be take once or many times.
  • Easy to comprehend curriculum. Content is meaningful, useful and not legal jargon.
  • Final exams ensure complete understanding of the content, and prove it.
  • Printable and savable certificates are available.
  • Customizable course content to fit your exact needs.
  • No software to install or maintain ever.
  • PC or mac compatible and any browser or version works just fine.

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