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HIPAA Solutions Rx is focused on and committed to providing products and services for those who must comply with HIPAA privacy and security laws. Our extensive portfolio of online HIPAA courses and consulting services will enable you to avoid violations, become compliant and stay there.

Click here for an overview of our HIPAA training and services.

Learn More About HIPAA Solutions Rx

HIPAA Solutions Rx has the largest selection of online courses available – for any employee, no matter the job junction. All courses are authored and updated by nationally recognized experts – whose published whitepapers were the basis for much of the HIPAA regulations and laws we follow today.

Our user-friendly online courses are convenient, don’t require additional software and help you save on costly classroom expenses. With a standard internet connection and computer, our Online Education Center can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
BridgeFront - Learning Services

Our many services include conducting HIPAA audits and assessments. We've served hospitals, practices, clinics, employers, the government and even hotels. If your organization needs an external review, we can conduct both Privacy and Security audits.

Since 2002, our proven methodologies and graphical reporting have made us a leader in the area of HIPAA compliance audits.
Most assessments can be conducted remotely – either over the phone or email, saving you time and money.

HIPAA Solutions Rx
"So, we have choosen the right company to do business with."

Jim Burtnett FHFMA
Allegan General
"I was really impressed with the high quality of information presented and the ease of use. Everything was presented in a very readable format and it gave me the impression that the trainee will have learned a great deal from the material. I especially enjoyed the scenarios with the test questions following each."

Michele Yanta
"We have some staff that have already completed the entire year! The feedback has been very good!"

Sandi Green
"I'm getting a lot of great feedback on these courses!"

Robin Hoag
"I am so pleased with the Bridgefront product. The Pilot we finished was wonderful. So wonderful in fact that I am making this part of the initial training for new staff. The staff really felt it was very comprehensive and learned much and refreshed the knowledge they already had."

Lori Thompson CHAM
Mgr Patient Access
Allegan General Hospital
"They have been learning and I think enjoy it. They said it was very easy to do and seemed to breeze through it. It is always encouraging when we get positive feedback. Thanks for your help."

Sharon Collins
Craig General Hospital
"The feedback has been very positive. Easy to use and good information. Thanks."

Pam Schmidt
Craig General Hospital"
"We are receiving very positive feedback from our staff on the Excellent curriculum."

Sandi Green

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